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with In-Person, Engaging

Activity Apps!

Mesh people, process, and technology to create an experience your participants will enjoy and remember! Watch the video to learn more about Mobile Mesh Events!

Mobile Mesh Events are a series of in person facilitated activities that mesh social interaction with mobile devices, focused on building relationships in fun and engaging ways. This meshing of people, process and technology creates an experience that your participants will enjoy and remember for years to come!

Our events are easy to plan and run ...

We are here to help you plan,schedule and prep for your event every step of the way.

Contact one of our fun and friendly Mesh Managers (account manager) and we will get you setup and start working on your event!

Once you are scheduled we will work with you to plan the agenda and activities to fit your needs and goals.

We have a catalog of games and activities to choose from and some are fully customizable allowing you to integrate your company messaging and details.

• Easy to plan and execute

• Event fits into any time window

• Prepackaged self-service or facilitated options

• Most activities work with any group size

• Pick activities that meet your needs and goals

• Activities are short and simple

• Some activities are fully customizable

• Minimal space needed

• Memorable and engaging

On the day of your event your participants will install our mobile mesh events app on their phone and the Mesh Master (facilitator) will take it from there!

Once connected the games and activities will have your teams engaging, networking, laughing and having a whole lot of FUN!

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Mobile Mesh Events gave our team a unique opportunity to have fun while learning more about each other and building relationships across teams. The questions and topics discussed through the games gave us a chance to find commonalities and hear each other out on important topics or simply laugh together over the ridiculous! With a young workforce that seem to always have their smart phones in hand, Mobile Mesh Events leveraged these devices for good, connecting employees across functional teams that rarely get a chance to interact.

- Jillana Peterson, Corporate Social Responsibility - Zendesk